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Ode to Government Communicators
Labor of Love

A crisis is brewing among the people.
Lawyers and media are crawling.
If it’s Ebola, Katrina or Atlanta,
Reporters start calling!

You need info and you need it fast.
But your “smart” phone is slow.
Think! Think! Think! Your brain starts reeling,
Pull the tweet together and make a go.

It’s not always this fast paced
In our world of speak.
Bottom line is we share news that happens
Through every valley and peak.

Happy Labor Day, Government Communicators!


"Our Work Here Is Done!!"

NAGC wraps up a very successful
2014 Communications School in Washington, DC.


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"Harnessing the Power to Inform and Engage Citizens"

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NAGC Announces 2014 Blue Pencil
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